Michael Perry - Mobile and Web Developer

About Me

BYU Masters of Information Systems Development Emphasis
Mobile and Web Developer

My name is Michael Perry.

I grew up half in Sacramento, CA and half in Meridian, ID.

My career goal is to become as valuable as possible in the fields of business and technology. My passion is using technology to empower and make a difference in peoples everyday lives. It is also my desire to make technology more accessible to decision makers. One day I hope to be one of those decision makers.

My interests include weightlifting (any working out really), stock trading, video gaming (anytime you wana smash just let me know), WWII studies, and learning new technologies.

And as you can probably deduce from my website, I love my mother.

  • 3.85

  • C#/ASP.NET/MVC/WebForms/WebAPI, REST API, Python/Django, JavaScript, Angular, Firebase

  • iOS Swift/Objective-C/Metal/OpenGL, Android Java, HTML 5 Cordova

  • VBA, Excel, D3.js, Three.js, HoloLens Augmented Reality Unity/Blender/C#

Past Projects

Here are a few projects I've worked on. Get in touch with if you have any questions.


I was hired out for some free-lance work building custom, responsive d3.js graphs. Feel free to explore, all graphs respond to different mouse events. There are too many to leave specific instructions, you’ll just have to play with it. Some are much easier to see if you zoom out.

Python Website

USER: root
PASSWORD: 123456789

This is a python/Django website using PostreSQL I wrote over a weekend. It is a management portal. It also has a retail section but I don’t have those links installed at the moment. This website is hosted on Amazon Web Services. I am using EC2 for computing, RDS for dynamically link databases, and Elastic beanstalk for load balancing.


This is called the LS3DViewer. I built it using three.js and C# ASP.NET. Click on it for a fun demo. It can take about 10 seconds for the dinosaur to load so you’ll have to be patient. Hover over different parts of the face, notice that different sections are highlighted as you do so. This is a custom CMS module. It involved figuring out how to render 3D objects in JavaScript, add textures, etc.

Note that the instructions probably won’t make sense to you. This was built as a custom CMS module for my job. Only those who have access to the CMS will know what it is talking about. Just play with the dinosaur.

iOS Projects

On my GitHub I have some of my past projects. I have three up there right now. I have another one that is finished but not up and two more in the pipeline soon to be out and submitted to the app store!


I recreated the game Operation in HoloLens in a couple days – you know how it is when you have a semester project due in two days ;) Anyway, it’s pretty cool, you should check it out!

Certifications and Accomplishments